Regulations for renting a vehicle on the website

The following regulations specify the conditions for using car rental offers,offered directly or indirectly on the website

By accessing, using and/or providing information to the administrator of the website, each Customer agrees to be bound by these provisions contained in the regulations and privacy policy. Privacy Policy.


Terms and conditions for renting a vehicle on the website

  1. The car renter and the person authorised to drive the vehicle must be a person who is over 21 years of age.
  2. has a valid ID or passport and has had a valid and recognized driving license in the EU for at least one year.
  3. the car can be driven by the person mentioned in the contract.
  4. the car cannot be sublet or given to another person for use without the prior written consent of the lessor.
  5. after the end of the rental agreement, the lessor is obliged to return the vehicle to the agreed place, within a specified period of time during + the use of the vehicle, the tenant is obliged to keep the vehicle clean and to return it, in a + clean condition,after the end of the contract (€50 contractual penalty apply for returning a dirty car).
  6. extending the lease period requires the lessor's consent. must be submitted 24 hours before the deadline
  7. failure to return the vehicle within 12 hours from the end of the rental agreement in the absence of notification of the intention to extend + the car rental or the lessor's objection to the extension of the contract is treated as misappropriation of the car, of which the lessor + will notify the law enforcement authorities, which will be the basis for charging the lessor with a contractual penalty.
  8. the Lessor is obliged to return the car with the same amount of fuel as he received when collecting the car.
  9. Lessor is prohibited
    - towing other vehicles, trailers
    – smoking in the vehicle (EUR 70 contractual penalty)
    – making modifications to the rented vehicle
    – commercial transport of prohibited goods, e.g. (drugs)
  10. the rental fee is charged in advance at the rate applicable on the date of conclusion of the contract.
  11. the rental fee is not refunded in the event of early return of the vehicle.
  12. In case of resignation from the car on the day of rental, the Renter covers 100% of the price.
  13. the fee for identifying the perpetrator in the event of receiving a penalty ticket delivered for leasing is €30.


the vehicle has a full scope of third party liability and comprehensive insurance, exempting the tenant from liability in the event of a collision, parking damage

  • intentional damage to the vehicle
  • damaging the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or after using drugs or psychotropic substances
  • damage caused when the person driving the vehicle was not authorized to drive the vehicle
  • vehicle theft resulting in lost keys