What is the minimum vehicle rental period at #whitecarrental ?

The minimum vehicle rental period is 3 days, however, there are situations where we can start renting overnight, in which case,

please contact us directly by phone (+48) 572 690 652, +34 613 544 253, or by e-mail at whitecar.alicante@gmail.com

How can I order a car at #whitecarrental?

You can rent a car in several ways

using our website www.whitecarrental.pl/en

by contacting us by phone (+48) 572 690 652, +34 613 544 253or by e-mail at whitecar.alicante@gmail.com

Is there an additional fee for parking?

Yes, all parking lots and paid stops are paid by the Lessor.

What insurance does the car rented at #whitecarrental have?

The vehicle has a full range of third party liability and comprehensive insurance, exempting the renter from liability in the event of a collision, parking damage, or +theft, with the exception of

  • intentional damage to the vehicle
  • damaging the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or after using drugs or psychotropic substances
  • damage caused when the person driving the vehicle was not authorized to drive the vehicle
  • vehicle theft resulting in the loss of keys

Can I return the car in a different city than it was rented? 

Yes, details will be discussed when contacting a #whitecarrental representative, after submitting your desire to book a vehicle on the website www.whitecarrental.pl/en

Is there a mileage limit?

At www.whitecarrental.pl/en we have no mileage limits 

We do not limit our clients by the distance traveled, enjoy the vehicle and explore without limits.

Are highway trips included in the vehicle rental price?

No, all expressways and motorways are paid for by the Lessor

How can I pay for my car rental?

Payment is made directly when the car is handed over by the #whitecarrental representative to the lessor at the place

which was mutually agreed upon when making the reservation.

Do we deliver the car to the airport?

Yes, we deliver our vehicles to airports in the areas included in the search form for available vehicles on the website www.whitecarrental.pl/en

in the fields labeled "Place of rental" and "Place of return", or in a mutually agreed place when booking by phone.

Is it possible to rent additional accessories with the car, such as GPS, child seats or baby carriers?

Yes, #whitecarrental offers extras to make your journey even more comfortable and safer.

Is it possible to rent a car immediately, e.g. overnight or even on the same day?

Yes, of course, but in such a case please contact #whitecarrental directly by phone (+48) 572 690 652, +34 613 544 253,

or by e-mail at whitecar.alicante@gmail.com.

Do I need an international driving license to rent a car at #whitecarrental?

You must have a valid ID card or passport and a valid and recognized EU driving license for at least one year.

Should the car be returned with a full tank of fuel?

Yes, the car offered at #whitecarrental has a full tank of fuel and should be returned in exactly the same condition. However, +if for some reason the car is not delivered in the above-mentioned condition, the Customer will be charged additional costs, including the missing +fuel.

Is it http://www.whitecarrental.pl/en possible to receive a discount code or loyalty card at whitecarrental?

Of course. For #whitecarrental customers, we have special discounts and loyalty cards.

They are granted and considered individually, which is why we do not have fixed discount rates. If you are our customer,

Are there any hidden costs or additional fees?

No, #whitecarrental does not hide costs. The total rental cost will be calculated after the customer has provided all information.

All details are included in the rental regulations. We do not charge any additional fees.

Can I extend the rental period?

Yes, at http://www.whitecarrental.pl/en we allow you to extend the lease in accordance with the contract. 

If you wish to extend, please contact us by phone (+48) 572 690 652, +34 613 544 253 no later than +24 hours before the expiry of the original rental period resulting from the concluded contract.

What if during the rental agreement the car is damaged or involved in a road accident?

After a road accident, please contact us immediately by phone (+48) 572 690 652, +34 613 544 253.

In such a case, we #whitecarrental deal with the damage, calling for assistance and securing the vehicle.

If the damaged vehicle is no longer able to travel, we will also provide a replacement car so that you can continue to +enjoy your holiday without any problems.

Can the car be driven by a person other than the person renting the car?

According to the regulations contained on our website #whitecarrental, unfortunately not.

However, if for unknown reasons such a situation occurs, the Customer loses all insurance concluded on the day of signing the contract.

What if, during the rental agreement, the car breaks down, /the warning light comes on, or something similar/ - +how can I contact you?

Please contact us immediately by phone at (+48) 572 690 652, +34 613 544 253.

Can I travel outside the country with a car rented from ? http://www.whitecarrental.pl/en , can I travel outside the country?

Yes, at #whitecarrental we grant such permission, but you must inform our representative about this fact at least+ 24 hours before collecting the vehicle.